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We are thrilled to share a comprehensive library of resources dedicated to Internet Shutdowns—a one-stop destination that consolidates valuable information and resources from various organizations and research initiatives. This library is designed to empower internet users with a deep understanding of Internet Shutdowns and their multifaceted dimensions. By categorizing the information into four key areas, namely Advocating against Internet Shutdowns, Connecting During A Shutdown, Challenging Shutdowns in the courts, and Documenting Internet Shutdowns, users can easily navigate through the diverse aspects of this issue. Whether you are an activist, researcher, lawyer, or simply an individual concerned about the implications of Internet Shutdowns, this resource equips you with the knowledge and tools to actively engage in the fight for digital rights and a free, open, and accessible internet.

Accessing The Internet Shutdown Resource Library

The home page provides an overview of what the Library is all about, sharing recent articles around internet shutdowns.  If one is not familiar with or not sure of where to start, the resource has an Internet shutdown risk and advocacy assessment questionnaire which can be filled and will produce a customized guide for conducting advocacy in your specific context, including relevant resources and recommendations.

The Prepare, Prevent, Resist Resource Libray presents a vast number of resources i.e. reports, tools, guide, multimedia, courses etc all around the four main areas of shutdowns.  It also gives the user search options so as to enhance and enable easy access to the information you might be looking for.


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